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Publié le 21 janv. 2015 Modifié le : 7 mai 2018

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Le  mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Formation en ligne pour les professeurs d'anglais

MOOC destiné aux professeurs qui souhaitent bénéficier d'une formation en anglais sur la pédagogie de leur discipline

  • NAME OF THE CLASS: “Shaping the Way We Teach English”


    SUMMARY: The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the University of Oregon and Coursera, will launch the Shaping the Way We Teach English Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

    This MOOC is for English as Foreign Language (EFL) educators, both those who are intending to pursue this field as a career and those already working in the field who would like to revise and refresh their methods and approaches. 

    The free materials and approaches, presented in two separate 5-week sessions, complement college courses such as Introduction to Methods for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

    This MOOC, which emphasizes English language learning by sharing ideas with others through interactive discussion forums, is one of the tools used by the Office of English Language Programs to support Department and Mission goals.


    DETAILS: Working with the University of Oregon, Educational and Cultural Affairs OFFICE has developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) educators called Shaping the Way We Teach English. MOOCs are structured and interactive courses that can be taken worldwide online at no-cost by an unlimited number of people. 


    RECRUITMENT: There are no pre-requisites or eligibility requirements for this course.  Participants should be current or emerging EFL professionals. Completion of Part I is not a prerequisite for Part II. The two parts can be taken in either order.

    Candidates should be self-motivated and have access to a reliable Internet connection, a computer or mobile device capable of playing back web-based audio and video files, and the ability to type well enough in English to participate in discussions.

    An estimated 4-6 hours a week is required to participate in the course.


    SYLLABUS: The Shaping the Way We Teach English MOOC will be divided into two five-week sessions that can be taken independently.

     Part 1,The Landscape of English Language Teaching, will begin on January 5 and April 6, 2015.

    Part 2, Paths to Success in English Language Teaching, will begin on February 9 and May 11. The MOOC will be asynchronous and will include readings, videos, and discussion forums.


    Part I: The Landscape of English Language Teaching:

    Week 1: Authentic materials to enhance student motivation

    Week 2: Pair and group work for collaborative learning

    Week 3: Critical and creative thinking to drive learning

    Week 4: Learner feedback and assessment to evaluate student progress

    Week 5: Language in context and using content to structure language learning

    Part II: Paths to Success in English Language Teaching

    Week 1: Integrating skills and using tasks to motivate learners

    Week 2: Alternative assessment to demonstrate language ability

    Week 3: Incorporating individual learning differences in instruction

    Week 4: Effective classroom management

                 Week 5: Reflective teaching