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Ressources éditoriales

Publié le May 5, 2018 Modifié le : May 17, 2021

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Le  Saturday, May 5, 2018

BBC Worldwide sur Eduthèque

210 reportages vidéo de BBC Worldwide Learning sur Eduthèque

  • BBC sur eduthèque

    Dans le cadre du partenariat Éduthèque, BBC Worldwide Learning met à disposition un ensemble de 210 reportages vidéo, classés dans la thématique « Cultures et langues ».


    Toutes ces vidéos peuvent être vues en ligne ou téléchargées. Elles sont accessibles en anglais avec sous-titrages et transcriptions téléchargeables.


    Ces ressources sont classées en fonction des niveaux du cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues (CECRL) et s’adressent aux enseignants du secondaire, qui pourront créer un compte classe pour leurs élèves et leur permettre ainsi d'accéder également aux vidéos. Celles-ci portent sur différentes thématiques : la santé, l’environnement, l’éducation, les nouvelles technologies, la littérature, le cinéma, l’histoire et la géographie, mais également sur les principaux enjeux et débats de société.


    Les enseignants ont la possibilité de créer un compte unique à communiquer à leurs élèves pour que ces derniers puissent accéder aux ressources du partenaire.


    Toutes les ressources de la BBC Worldwide Learning pour Éduthèque bénéficient des conditions générales d’utilisation du portail


    Liste des vidéos proposées

      A2 B1 B2 Lycée
    2nd Plane Hits   X X  
    A Charitable Hero     X  
    A present from Banksy   X    
    Accents   X X  
    Accents of the UK X X X  
    Adult Children Moving in with Parents   X X  
    Alaska the last frontier ?   X X  
    Alice in Wonderland     X  
    All Female Fire Fighters     X  
    Amazon Kindle   X X  
    Amazonian Culture     X  
    Amazon's Effect on Booksellers   X X  
    America tries to get out     X  
    American Art During Colonization   X    
    American Civil War   X X  
    American Civil War 1   X    
    American Involvement in World War I     X  
    An Eco house in London   X    
    Anti Bullying   X X  
    Apple store opening   X X  
    Are Social Networks Keeping Us from Being Social?   X X  
    Artificial limbs X X X  
    Athens and Democracy   X    
    Australian Tides and Landscapes     X  
    Author Roundtable     X  
    Baby Boomer Market Research     X  
    Banking on Nature   X X  
    Banksy, from Detroit to Beverly Hills   X    
    Banksy’s Dismaland         X    
    Bartering   X X  
    Becoming Urban Animals     X  
    Being Green to Get Off the Grid   X X  
    Bionic technology     X  
    Black Panthers     X  
    Boston Tea Party   X X  
    Brown v Board     X  
    Business and Twitter   X    
    Captain Cook and Tupaia   X    
    Car Salesman Humanitarian     X  
    Carbon Neutral   X X  
    Carbon Reduction     X  
    Carrying Capacit       X
    CEO sharing his wage     X  
    Changing ideas : a smarter way to stop hunger   X    
    Cleaning Up Rivers - The Green Armada     X  
    Cloud Computing   X X  
    College Debt and Bankruptcy     X  
    College Students And Stress     X  
    Colonization of Australia   X X  
    Colonization of Australia 1   X    
    Columbus Sails X X X  
    Community Service and Teens X X X  
    Companies With Green Benefits     X  
    Counterfeiting     X  
    Country Doctor   X X  
    Crazy bosses     X  
    Cyberbullies   X X  
    Cyberbullying   X X  
    Cybercrime and Identity Theft     X  
    Dawn Loggins Inspirational Teen            
    Declining Worker Benefits             
    Decode the serial killer X X X  
    Did The Internet Kill Privacy?   X X  
    Discussion on Human Cloning     X  
    Drive-In Movie Comeback in Texas   X    
    Drug Awareness   X    
    Ebay in the Retail Space     X  
    Economic Inequality     X  
    Edward Albee     X  
    Environmentalists Adopt Smart Growth   X    
    Evolution      X  
    Explorations     X  
    Facebook at Work   X X  
    Fairy Tales   X    
    Family Meals   X X  
    Family relationships X X    
    Fatigue in Teenagers   X X  
    Feminist Writers     X  
    Fiber Optic Cable Technology     X  
    Football and Prejudice     X  
    Foundation Helps Troubled Teens Work and Finish School   X X  
    Free for All   X X  
    Gender Roles in the Family         X    
    Ghandi Goes to London         X    
    Globish   X X  
    Grandma Struggles With Prejudice X X    
    Grieving Unites   X X  
    Health Camps   X X  
    Healthy Eating        
    History of New York City Skyscrapers   X X  
    Hollywood Walk of Fame   X    
    Hong Kong Perfect Blend of East and West   X X  
    How Being Online Affects Social Skills   X X  
    How does a brand become like a religion     X  
    How to be Happy at Work   X X  
    IBM Computer Chess Game   X    
    Illegal Drugs and Parents   X X  
    International Map of the World X X X  
    Iowa State Fair   X X  
    Ireland and the Queen's visit   X X  
    James Baldwin     X  
    James Watt Improves the Steam Engine Design     X  
    Job Family Balance   X X  
    John Steinbeck     X  
    LA Fitness   X X  
    Labor Intensive Workaholics     X  
    Latino Barber Promotes Literacy in Community     X  
    Life in New York City   X X  
    London is Booming   X    
    Lost Class of 1959     X  
    Magnet School Has Low Fat Lunches   X X  
    Makerbot   X X  
    Making Cars Affordable   X    
    Making Friends in the Digital Age     X  
    Male Cheerleaders   X X  
    Maps as a Tool   X X  
    Maya Angelou     X  
    Maya Angelou interview   X X  
    Mediation to Prevent Violence at school        X    
    Memory Time Travel     X  
    MLK Assassination – Aftermath     X  
    Mobile Phone Hacking   X X  
    Moms Burden   X X  
    Movie Theater Bankrupt     X  
    My City - Cape Town X X X  
    MYON Robots Learn to Evolve Own Language     X  
    Native American Art   X    
    Neil Simon     X  
    New Libraries     X  
    New technology helps quadriplegic     X  
    One Day In - Johannesburg - Cultural Architect        X    
    One Day In - Johannesburg - The mineral trade   X    
    One Day In – London X      
    One Day In - New York X X    
    Parents choose gender   X X  
    Peer Pressure       X    
    Persuasive Political Picture X   X  
    Philadelphia Different Solutions X X X  
    Phones and fibers optics X X X  
    Plastic Bags Ban X X X  
    Poles Planning to Leave the UK   X    
    Population and Consumption Control X X XX  
    Pregnancy Bias X      
    Pre-Movie Advertisements   X    
    Psychology of an Apple fanatic X   X  
    Publishing World vs Amazon X X X  
    Queen Salutes 1,000-boat Flotilla   X    
    Raisin in the Sun X   X  
    Reading and writing as an help        X    
    Remembering Little Rock X X X  
    Richard Blanco X   X  
    Rises in IQ X   X  
    Roald Dahl X X X  
    Safe Streets X   X  
    SAS happy employees X X X  
    Satellite Technology   X    
    Scent Marketing X X X  
    Segregation X   X  
    Self Driving Race   X    
    Shakespeare Behind Bars     X  
    Shakespeare Behind Bars 1     X  
    Shakespeares Language X      
    Sherlock Holmes   X    
    Singapore Vertical Farms   X    
    Social Media Impact X X X  
    Social Networking Crackdown X X X  
    Socialization and Homeschooling X X X  
    South African Community X   X  
    Space Race and Saturn X   X  
    Steam and the Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution   X    
    Stepmothers        X    
    Student Loan Debt X X X  
    Students are Key to preventing school massacres X X X  
    Students Preparing for SATs X X X  
    Students Struggle with College Debt X   X  
    Subprime mortgage scandal X   X  
    Summer Jobs for Teens       X    
    Supermarket Poet X X X  
    Teacher Inspires X X X  
    Teen Binge Drinking X X X  
    Teen depression and sleep        X    
    Teens and alcohol abuse        X    
    Teens Drink and Drive in Suburbs   X X  
    Teens Protest Tobacco Advertising   X X  
    Test Taking     X  
    Texas Fitness   X X  
    Text messaging and driving   X X  
    Textiquette   X X  
    The 2007 Financial Crash     X  
    The Future of the Cubicle or giving another shape to your workplace     X  
    The Islamic Golden Age     X  
    The Lure of Amazon   X X  
    The National Divide   X    
    The New Deal and the Hoover Dam     X  
    The Road to Riches ?   X    
    The Turning Point When Inventors Become Heroes     X  
    To Build the Tallest   X X  
    Tobacco-Free Kids   X X  
    Traffic Jams vs New Technologies   X    
    USA Crossing Borders     X  
    Vertical Living   X X  
    Victorian Homes are More Green X   X  
    Vietnam Anti-War Movement     X  
    Virginia Woolf     X  
    Visiting Antartica   X    
    Weak Dollar Affects Economy      X  
    Wellness Incentives at IBM   X X  
    White House says US Feeling Impact of Climate Change     X  
    Women's Liberation   X X  
    World Economic Crisis     X  
    WWI begins in Africa   X    
    Yoga in California School   X X  
    Young Indian mogul   X X