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Jeux Fabrique

Publié le 24 juin 2024

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Le  lundi 24 juin 2024

"Jeux Fabrique", 8th edition

8th edition of the digital game creation contest "Jeux Fabrique"

  • JF3  horiz 2025 ENGLISH VERSION  

    The Directorate of Digital Technology in Education of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur local education authority (DRANE PACA), the Academy Delegation for Digital Technology Education of the Brittany local education authority, and the SRANÉ of the Limoges local education authority invite elementary schools, middle schools, high schools (general, technological, vocational, and agricultural) to join the  latest edition of the Jeux Fabrique ! digital game creation contest!

    This is the perfect opportunity for your students to unleash their imagination and creative skills while having fun!

    For this eighth edition, Jeux Fabrique is renewing itself to offer you an even more enriching experience:

    • The games to create must be fully playable online, so each participant can discover and test the rival teams' games.
    • Creating a "teaser" poster for the game at mid-point will whet the appetite of other participants and organizers. It will also allow for a progress report for the games.
    • Mixed assessment by peers and a panel of experts: students will be  called on to assess the projects!
    • And to make the teams' work easier, the video presentation of the project is no longer required, allowing more time to focus creating the game


    The contest is organized into three exciting categories:


    panda arcade 

    Arcade Category : If you are passionate about retro arcade games, board games, and thrilling challenges, this category is for you! Show off your talents by designing captivating games that will get players' hearts racing.


    panda EG 

    Escape Game Category : If you're ready to challenge players with complex puzzles, intriguing mysteries, and exciting escapes, this category is for you! We are looking for immersive and captivating escape games!


    panda plateau 

    Board Game Category : Fans of Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, trivia games, or strategy games… create an original game or adapt an existing one so everyone can have fun online. Focus on the ambiance and playability to get players hooked!



    etoiles  How to participate

    • Form student teams so they engage in a project-based approach.
    • Choose one of the three categories: arcade, escape game, or board game.
    • Register your project before November 4, 2024, by clicking HERE:
    • Design and develop your digital game using your skills in programming, design, storytelling, and more!
    • Create a poster by the end of January to present your game: theme, characters, graphic environment, goal… Enjoy the process to make people want to follow you.

    Submit your video of the finalized game before May 2, 2025.


    coupe  Prizes and Recognition

    The submitted games will be assessed by the students themselves and a panel of experts in the field of digital gaming.


    The assessment criteria will include playability, creativity, graphic design, originality, fun, and immersiveness.

    The winning teams in each category will be rewarded at the local education authority level and will also have the opportunity to present their game at our national event.


    calendrier  Schedule

    • Contest registration period: from June 15, 2024, to November 4, 2024
    • Game submission deadline: May 2, 2025
    • Results: May 20, 2025


    annonce  Support for the Contest

    We understand that creating a digital game can be an exciting but complex challenge. To support you throughout the contest, we offer:

    1. By clicking HERE, you will find 3 kits containing resources and tutorials. These are resources specially selected to help you improve your skills in programming, game design, puzzle examples, and video editing.
    2. A training session in the form of a webinar: the webinar organized at the end of November (a replay will be available).
    3. A contact email address: to answer your questions, give you advice, and guide you throughout the creation process.


    Get ready to embark on an extraordinary creative adventure and showcase your skills.

    We look forward to discovering your amazing digital games and experiencing unforgettable gameplay!
    Good luck to everyone!

    The Digital Game Creation Contest Team