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AP valeurs/normes (veleve)

2nde. En anglais. I. Roux


    Norms and values


    Exercise 1


    Norms are the unspoken and unwritten rules of behavior in everyday life. We learn them during socialization. Sometimes they may be explicitly thaught to children by their parents or others, but often they are learned through observation, and also by trial and errors- by seeing what the reaction of others is;

    Values are the beliefs that lie behind social norms.

    Active Sociology for GCSE, J. Blundell, Longman Editions, 2001, p. 4-5


    a)      What norms apply in the following situations?

    -      The waiting room of a doctor’s surgery.

    -      At a party for teenagers.

    b)      Connect the norms to the correspondent values:

    (Before that, please name the column of the value and the column of the norms)



     valeurs relier


    c)      Can a norm be related to different values? Give examples if possible.

    d)      Can a norm be true to a value and opposite to another?

    e)      Can a same value imply opposite norms?


    Exercise 2: Pairwork


    a)      Choose one of these values:




    Preservation of the environment

    Preservation of culture


    Success, Ambition

    Kindness, Charity




    b)      Let the class guess the value you chose by telling them a set of three correspondent norms or situations where this value can be applied and that you describe in your notebook.

    c)      Do you share this value in your daily life? Why?